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Accessing Care from Anywhere


Accessing Care from Anywhere

A webinar on accessing quality arthritis care regardless of where you live.

Date: Thursday, April 22  •  Time: 6 p.m. ET  •  Location: Online webinar

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Where you live should not be a barrier to receiving quality arthritis care and information to manage your disease, yet for many Canadians it is. Join rheumatologist Dr. Brent Ohata and Occupational Therapist Jocelyne Murdoch in an Arthritis Talks about accessing care from anywhere.

At this Arthritis Talks, we’ll discuss:

  • How to get referred to appropriate healthcare specialists and resources
  • How to maximize your appointments with your healthcare providers
  • What you can do from home to manage your disease
  • What is being done across the country to increase access to specialists and encourage practice in underserved areas, including virtual and in-person care

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What participants say about Arthritis Talks...

★  1  ★ Thank you for another TOP NOTCH session. You are really showing the value of the Arthritis Society.
★  2  ★ I found this webinar presentation VERY informative & am so glad to be able to watch & hear the Rheumatologists. thank you so much!
★  3  ★ I thought the session was excellent and very professional. I am really impressed with the Arthritis Society, their information and both webinars I have well as the website which I refer to often and recommend to others.

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Dr. Brent Ohata

Brent OhataDr. Brent Ohata is a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. He is the co-chair of the Canadian Rheumatology Association’s Telehealth Working Group. He has established rheumatology outreach clinics in inner-city Vancouver and with the Carrier Sekani First Nation. He is currently developing a rheumatology video hotline for the province of B.C., to improve access to rheumatology for rural patients.

Jocelyne Murdoch

Jocelyne is an occupational therapist and advanced clinician practitioner in arthritis care at the Arthritis Society and has seen over 5500 people by telemedicine to expand arthritis services in northeastern Ontario. She graduated from Queen's University's Occupational therapy program, and then completed the Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care certificate program at the University of Toronto. She has been with the Arthritis Society for 19 years.  A lover of all things arthritis and technical, Jocelyne uses telemedicine on a daily basis to work with multiple rheumatologists, travels to see patients with arthritis across the northeast, and teaches both health providers and people with arthritis using telemedicine.   She won the Arthritis Health Professionals Association’s inaugural Clinical Innovation award for her use of telemedicine to provide arthritis care, and the May Pack Award for Bold Innovation for her use of technology to increase access to care. When she's not working at the Arthritis Society, Jocelyne loves travelling, photography, gardening, and keeping active walking, cycling and swimming.

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