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Who You’re Helping

One in five Canadians of all ages live with the many impacts of arthritis. Here are some of their stories.

Spencer Hamilton

Pro-skater Spencer Hamilton suffered many years before he got diagnosed.

Doug Dirks

Doug Dirks is taking a stand for arthritis.

Jon Cornish

Jon Cornish knows the ecstasy of success, as well as the agony of arthritis pain.

June Henderson

June Henderson has made "never stopping" the foundation of her life.

Darcy Rota

This retired NHL player wants to raise awareness of arthritis.

Karine Nadeau

Karine Nadeau shows inspiring and exceptional determination.

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We asked Canadians, “What would you like people to know about how arthritis impacts you?” Here’s what they said:

We are not inventing our pain or exaggerating it.

It’s not just an older person’s disease.

It’s the overwhelming, life-altering fatigue that does me in.

Don’t judge me for asking for help.

It’s a silent disease. You seem fine on the face of it, so know one knows the pain you are in constantly.

It doesn’t go away.

Arthritis took away my self-confidence.

It makes me feel lonely and excluded.