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1 million for 6 million


September is Arthritis Awareness Month Home

Six million Canadians – one of every five – live with arthritis. It’s Canada’s most chronic health condition. Without a greater spotlight on this growing issue, the number will rise to nine million by 2040. The challenge is real, and the time to act is now.

Join the movement to raise $1 million and 1 million voices for the 6 million with arthritis during September, Arthritis Awareness Month. Empower people to say, "Arthritis won’t stop me."

Graph - $1 million
Graph - 1 million voices

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How you can help

Get involved

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See what others are doing

Mark Zecchino of Golf Talk Canada, PGA Tour Entertainment and CBS Sports Off the Hozzle, knows arthritis can take away something you love. In this video, he encourages all golf lovers to get involved in Arthritis Awareness Month. Advances in research, treatment and support mean people will always be able to play at the top of their game.

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Our valued partners

Thank you to our valued partners for helping Canadians say, “Arthritis won’t stop me."


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