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Empower Canada’s best and brightest for a pain-free future

A new way to support the brightest innovations in arthritis care.

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The era of accepting the status quo is over

It’s time to disrupt how we treat arthritis. Join us to lay the foundation to establish the first, best and only comprehensive plan to solve arthritis in Canada.

The Innovation Partnership Fund, a partnership between Arthritis Society Canada and Creative Destruction Lab at the Rotman School of Management, is disrupting the way arthritis is treated, diagnosed and prevented. Invest in the Fund to empower Canada’s brightest emerging entrepreneurs, so together, we can create cutting edge solutions that will change the status quo, and bring relief to millions living with the brutal realities of arthritis nationwide.

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It's NOT just arthritis

Dr. Siân Bevan, Chief Science Officer, Arthritis Society Canada

Sian Bevan

“Arthritis Society Canada’s partnership with Creative Destruction Lab is revolutionizing how we ideate and implement arthritis solutions and innovations. Often, the most promising innovations and brightest ideas don’t get to the market due to a lack of funding and mentorship.

Our Innovation Impact Fund is changing that. By funding a rigorous program and ensuring entrepreneurs get the support they need, we are priming them for success to end the agony of people living with arthritis.”

Partner and fund groundbreaking arthritis innovations

The innovation Partnership Fund offers a competitive and rigorous program for entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the tools they need to get their innovations in arthritis therapies, treatments and products to the market and scale them, maximizing their probability of success.

Investment in the Innovation Partnership will provide our best and brightest minds training to bring key innovation milestones forward by:

Mentor and mentee
Wold-class mentor support
Access to a group of world-class mentors and experts, who will support entrepreneur and their companies.
Group discussion
Access to top venture management advise
Provided access to an esteemed venture management team of 120 experts, representing the best Canadian companies at the forefront of developing arthritis-related solutions.
Investor presentation
Investor showcase opportunities
The opportunity to showcase the prevalence of arthritis and the urgency for innovative solutions to some of the world’s most successful health technology companies.

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Change the course of arthritis in Canada

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