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Your support can lead to life-changing breakthroughs.

For six million people in Canada living with the daily pain and emotional lows of arthritis, research offers a beacon of hope for better treatments, more effective pain management, and one day, a cure.

If you live with arthritis yourself or know someone who does, then I’m sure you know how much it can impact everyday life. It can keep you from the activities you enjoy and limit your opportunities to connect with loved ones. But researchers are hard at work, looking for ways to better address and ease symptoms for people living with arthritis.

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Donations to support arthritis research are being matched dollar-for-dollar. 

All donations to our research campaign are being matched. That means your support today will be doubled to fund even more innovative research that could unlock the mysteries of arthritis and lead to more effective treatments than ever.

You can support innovative research like this

Dr. Mohamed Osman’s work is a great example of donor support in action. Thanks to generous people like you, Dr. Osman and his team have discovered that cell mutations in an aggressive form of arthritis known as scleroderma are similar to those seen in cancer. This discovery is helping lead the way to better treatments and better outcomes for scleroderma patients.

But for every research project currently underway, many other great ideas lack funding. That’s why support like yours is so critical right now. Please donate to support research like Dr. Osman’s. Your gift will be matched so that you make DOUBLE the impact.

This is an exciting opportunity for donors to fund innovative research and contribute to progress in preventing and treating arthritis.

About Dr. Osman

Dr. Mohamed OsmanDr. Mohamed Osman is a Rheumatologist at the University Alberta — the same institution where he completed his general rheumatology training. He also has a PhD in immunology and did clinical training in systemic sclerosis in Italy.

As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Osman wants to empower patients with information so that they can better understand their conditions and access the best possible care. He entered the rheumatology field to explore why people develop autoimmune diseases and to develop solutions that can improve people’s lives.

With his work studying scleroderma cell mutations, he is breaking new ground in understanding this aggressive form of arthritis and contributing valuable insights into arthritis and autoimmunity.

About Arthritis Society Canada

Arthritis Society Canada is Canada’s national health charity, fueled by donors and volunteers, with a vision to extinguish arthritis.

Donor support is critical because without action now, the number of Canadians living with arthritis will grow to nine million by 2040.

Our donors and sponsors are heroes. Donations provide essential financial support for initiatives like research that bring us closer to finding better treatments and, ultimately, a cure. We thank each of our everyday heroes, who share our vision of extinguishing arthritis.

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