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Joint Replacement Wait Times

Joint Replacement Wait Times

Arthritis is the leading cause of joint replacement surgeries, including 99% of knee replacements and 80% of hip replacements. More than 62,000 hip replacements and over 75,000 knee replacements were performed in Canada in 2018–2019. This represents an increase of 20.1% and 22.5%, respectively, over the last 5 years.

A report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) shows that joint replacement surgery wait times in Canada are not reaching the medically recommended guideline of six months. In fact, they have gotten worse every year since 2015 and that dramatically impacts quality of life for too many Canadians. 

Only 70% of knee replacements and 75% of hip replacements meet the guideline, which means too many people are having to live with unnecessary pain and restricted mobility for far too long.  Providing better access to joint replacements and keeping people healthy where they live work and play should be a priority of all governments. 

Read our position statement [547kB] on wait times.

Ask your representative:

What are you doing/will you do to ensure that Canada reduces wait times and improves timely access to joint replacement surgery?

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