The Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

History with the Knights of Columbus

Champions for Hope

In 1972, the Knights of Columbus began their support of The Arthritis Society in Ontario by distributing and collecting coin boxes. At that time, the objective was to be able to purchase wheelchairs for people with mobility restrictions due to arthritis.

What a difference 45 years makes.  The Knights continue to be tremendous supporters of The Arthritis Society and the people it serves, providing over $16 million in financial support to date for Arthritis Society initiatives.

It’s not about buying wheelchairs any more, however. That’s because in the time since the Knights first started supporting The Arthritis Society, new treatments have been developed that can effectively halt the worst damages of inflammatory arthritis, so that most people affected are able to maintain their mobility and quality of life.  Those treatments were made possible by groundbreaking scientific research supported in part by the Knights’ generosity and hard work.

These days, the Councils’ contributions help to fund education programming for people living with the disease, and to fund more research so that we can finally create a world without arthritis.

Local councils provide financial support each year through a variety of efforts such as bingo nights and lottery proceeds. Many Councils volunteer their time to help with our residential door-to-door canvassing campaign during Arthritis Awareness Month each September.

For the calendar year 2017, the following Councils made donations of $500 or greater to The Arthritis Society.

  • Knights of Columbus Council #02403 - Timmins
  • Knights of Columbus Ontario Charity Foundation - Hamilton
  • Knights of Columbus Council #09222 - St. Catharines
  • Knights of Columbus Council 9222 - St Catharines
  • Knights of Columbus Council #02775 - Belle River
  • Chevaliers De Colomb Conseil #9707 - Elliot Lake
  • Knights of Columbus Council #03212 - Tillsonburg
  • Knights of Columbus Council #11320 - Thunder Bay
  • Knights of Columbus Council #2184 - Cambridge
  • Knights of Columbus Council #03945 - Etobicoke
  • Knights of Columbus Council #06024 - Maryhill
  • Knights of Columbus Council #06361 - Bowmanville
  • Knights of Columbus Council #06361 - Bowmanville
  • Knights of Columbus Council #2184 - Cambridge
  • Knights of Columbus Council #12309 - Harrowsmith
  • Knights of Columbus Council #11708 - Unionville
  • Knights of Columbus Council #02110 - Amherstburg
  • Knights Of Columbus Council #11528 - Brooklin
  • Knights of Columbus Council # 932 - Sault Ste. Marie
  • St. Anne's Knights of Columbus 10785 Bingo Account - Peterborough
  • Chevaliers de Colomb Conseil #06908 - Ottawa
  • Knight of Columbus Council #9793 - Windsor
  • Knights Of Columbus Council #01652 - Niagara Falls
  • Knights of Columbus Council #6246 - London
  • Knights of Columbus Council 14421 - Stoney Creek

The Thomas J. Keating Knights of Columbus Council Award

The Thomas J. Keating Knights of Columbus Council Award was created to honour the memory of Thomas J. Keating, a past State Deputy of the Knights of Columbus and Director on The Arthritis Society Board from 1976-1992. The award is presented annually to recognize the Knight's council that has provided distinguished leadership and outstanding service to The Arthritis Society.

The 2017 Thomas J. Keating Award recipient was Fr. Ladislaus Council #7744.

Divisional Advisory Board

The Knights of Columbus are represented on the Ontario Divisional Advisory Board by Marcel Lemmen. The Divisional Advisory Board helps The Arthritis Society set priorities for action in support of Ontarians living with arthritis, and helps connect The Arthritis Society to networks of support.

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