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Arthritis Society-funded study uncovers how Listeria disguises itself and spreads

Published in Nature, research has major implications for arthritis

An Arthritis Society-funded study published this week in the internationally-regarded scientific journal Nature has uncovered a method by which Listeria bacteria (L. monocytogenes) spreads from cell to cell in the human body. This finding could lead to new strategies not only in fighting infections, but also in preventing pathogens from triggering dangerous immune responses in inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Equipped with a three-year operating grant from The Arthritis Society, Dr. John Brumell, Senior Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto discovered that Listeria disguises itself as dead cells in order to be consumed by neighboring cells, where it then plants its toxin and replicates freely. While this has direct implications for studying septic arthritis, the discovery holds even greater significance for other forms of arthritis by providing a new glimpse into the body’s cellular process, autoimmunity and inflammatory responses.

“The Arthritis Society prioritizes innovative theoretical research as an important component of our overall funding portfolio,” says Joanne Simons, chief mission officer of The Society. “Groundbreaking treatments of the future begin with studies like this, seeking to better understand the mechanisms by which our bodies and our cells work. Dr. Brumell’s work unravelling these secrets could open a number of doors to more targeted research and potential solutions.”

“We are beginning to build a clearer picture of what happens in the body, and it’s suggesting novel ways to move research forward for arthritis and a host of other conditions,” says Dr. Brumell. “This research simply wouldn’t have been possible without The Arthritis Society’s support.”


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