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    Jul 12

    Joint replacement surgeries must become a priority again As Canada continues to confront COVID-19, an alarming backlog of joint replacement surgeries is emerging. In this Toronto Star editorial, the Arthritis Society addresses how it is taking action on the issue. Toronto Star
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    Oct 19

    Pharmacare is not a top health-care priority for Canadians, poll finds Now that marijuana legalization is out of the way, a new poll suggests the Liberal government’s next big drug policy — the possible creation of national pharmacare — is not a top health-care priority for Canadian voters. Toronto Star
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    Oct 17

    Despite marijuana legalization, medicinal pot advocates say there’s still much work to be done For years, people who were ill, and their advocates, have been fighting to see cannabis considered as a legitimate medical treatment. But now that grassroots advocacy has been taken up by big business, change is afoot. Toronto Star
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    Jul 25

    New Alternative to Surgery for Stenosis Dr. Carlo Ammendolia has discovered an alternative to surgery for people with stenosis (arthritis in the spine) struggling to walk. It is a program of exercise and manual therapy that has helped hundreds of patients. Toronto Star
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    Jul 18

    Medical marijuana users worry about Canada’s cannabis-impaired driving rules Medical marijuana users worry they won’t be able to get behind the wheel once recreational cannabis is legalized, as the government is not proposing an exemption for medical cannabis users under the cannabis-impaired driving rules. Toronto Star
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    Feb 06

    Inflammatory diseases can increase risk of heart disease If you have a chronic inflammatory condition, you’re likely not receiving enough monitoring for heart disease. Toronto Star
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