Wegener's Granulomatosis

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Wegener's granulomatosis is an uncommon disease characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels, or vasculitis and a type of damaging inflammation of the tissues referred to as granulomatous. Vasculitis can also damage important organs of the body by limiting blood flow to those organs and destroying normal tissue.

Although the disease can involve any organ system, it mainly affects the respiratory tract (including the sinuses, nose, windpipe, lungs) and kidneys as well as skin and nerves.

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With appropriate treatment, the outlook is good for people with Wegener's granulomatosis, and it is not unusual for people with Wegener's to see their symptoms disappear completely. However, about half of all people with the disease may require long term use of medications to keep the disease in remission. The disease may flare frequently within two years of stopping medication but can also occur during treatment. For this reason it is very important that people with Wegener's continue to see their doctors regularly, even if they have felt well for several years.

Arthritis medications are designed to control a disease, slow its progression, and to help manage pain. There is a wide range of options – with new ones coming on the horizon – so understanding all possible treatments is not easy. 

These medications can be very complex, so you are encouraged to ask for in-depth explanations from your health care team – including pharmacists, who are an excellent source of information. 

To explore this area of treatment, The Arthritis Society has developed a comprehensive expert guide that delivers detailed information on medications used to treat arthritis.

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The optimal treatment is what is best in each individual case – so speak with your doctor and/or pharmacist about what kind of medications are most appropriate for you.

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