Still's Disease

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Still's disease is a form of arthritis characterized by high spiking fevers, salmon-coloured rashes and inflammation of the joints. The disease is most common among children, for whom it is commonly referred to as systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Still's disease can also occur among adults, although much less commonly than for children. In this case it is referred to as adult-onset Still's disease or AOSD.

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For most people with the disease, the characteristic fever and rashes usually go away after several months. The swelling of joints, however, can continue as a long-term condition and can persist into adulthood. Studies have shown that Still's disease can disappear on its own for 35 to 40 percent of people within ten years of onset. In all other cases, patients will develop chronic arthritis.

Still's disease can cause serious joint damage, particularly to the wrists. It can also affect normal functioning of the heart and the lungs. Treatment of the disease is targeted at specific areas of inflammation, which tend to be different for each patient. 

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Arthritis medications are designed to control a disease, slow its progression, and to help manage pain. There is a wide range of options – with new ones coming on the horizon – so understanding all possible treatments is not easy. 

These medications can be very complex, so you are encouraged to ask for in-depth explanations from your health care team – including pharmacists, who are an excellent source of information. 

To explore this area of treatment, The Arthritis Society has developed a comprehensive expert guide that delivers detailed information on medications used to treat arthritis.

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The optimal treatment is what is best in each individual case – so speak with your doctor and/or pharmacist about what kind of medications are most appropriate for you.

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