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By supporting The Arthritis Society’s website redevelopment project, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada is making a major contribution to those living with arthritis.

Their support creates greater awareness of arthritis. The site delivers education, information and services to those affected by arthritis, allowing individuals and their families to be effective self-managers and advocates.

BMS also supports TAS’s Divisional events such as BC’s Bluebird Gala and Quebec’s Family Brunch (Brunch familial), Golf Tournament (Tournoi de Golf Montréal) and Good Taste at Work (Le Bon goût à l’oeuvre) events.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada is a pioneer in biopharmaceutical research and development of innovative drug treatments and is a key contributor to Canada’s global leadership position in health and pharmaceuticals.

At Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada, the work of their 300 employees across the country is bound together by one thing: the desire to help patients prevail over serious diseases. Their team is dedicated to researching, developing and delivering innovative life-saving and life-enhancing medicines for serious diseases to Canadian patients.

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