Plan Your Campaign - Door to Door fundraising

1. Setting Up Your Online Canvassing Page

  • It will take just about 20 minutes to set up and start your outreach.
  • Before you begin, save a photo on your computer to upload when requested.
  • After your page is generated, you can choose to use the email messaging we provide or write your own.  
  • Ready? Click this link and follow the prompts to set up your Personal E-Canvassing Page.

Reaching Out to Others

2. Who is most likely to support your online canvassing?

  • Consider friends, colleagues, neighbors, families and community members.
  • Consider people you meet in any of these places: gym, school, university, church, social group, sports club or other hobby groups.

3. Promote your canvassing page

  • Hang your Canvasser poster at work or in any public space you use. 
    • Click here to download the poster [PDF]. 
    • Here is a sample [PDF] showing you how to fill in your poster.
  • Share your e-canvassing page web link on social media. Let more people know how they, too, can help erase the pain of arthritis.
  • Reminder emails – we suggest you keep it to one reminder email and one personal thank you email after they support your campaign. People always appreciate the personal touch! Our online campaign application will also automatically thank those who donate to your page.
  • People relate to real stories. If you are comfortable doing so, share your experience with arthritis on social media and link to your e-canvassing page.

4. Collect the Funds!

  • Online donations are processed and tax receipted immediately 
  • Offline donations can be mailed to Online Door-to-Door, The Arthritis Society, 393 University Avenue, Toronto, M5G 1E6

Key information about Arthritis and The Arthritis Society 

Click here for facts and figures, stories and more information on how your support helps people living with arthritis in your community.

Got more questions? 

Online Canvassing

Online Canvassing Guide

Download the Online Canvassing Guide [PDF] View Guide