Door to Door Online Campaign

No one should have to live with pain. Yet for one in six Canadians, pain is a daily reality – because they are living with arthritis.

By giving just 60 minutes of your time this month, you can change the life of someone living with arthritis, and give for a future free from pain.

Such a small gift, yet it can make such a BIG difference!


Door to Door Canvassing Community

As a Door to Door Online Canvasser, you are joining a passionate and dedicated community of 7,000 volunteers who help share the important news about arthritis in communities across Ontario, bringing attention to the ways in which their support for The Arthritis Society can help erase the pain for Canadians living with arthritis. 

Why Your Help Matters

Right now, someone you know and care about is living in pain.  It doesn’t have to be that way – there’s a lot we can do to help people with arthritis live better today while we search for a cure.
But we can’t do it alone.

That’s why the funds you raise are so important. You and your donors are helping to:
  • Fund ground-breaking research into real solutions to help people cope better today, and ultimately find a cure – in our lifetime
  • Give people improved access to expert care, so they can get ahead of the disease before it gets out of control
  • Give people the knowledge and resources they need to be able to live well despite their arthritis

Become a Door to Door Online Canvasser

It’s really very simple.
  1. Click on the orange button at the bottom of the page to register as an online canvasser.
  2. Personalize your page and your email appeal by adding some of your own words in the text or use the generic message. It helps to tell your own story, and share why you believe in the work of The Arthritis Society. You can also insert a photo – maybe a picture of you, someone you’re fundraising for, or a local service activity or event.
  3. Go to the Participant Centre and import your email contacts into the address book, then send your first email to that list.
  4. After a few days, send a quick follow up to those people who haven’t donated yet – and send a big THANK YOU to those who have!
  5. Tell as many people as you can about your Campaign. Encourage others to join you. The more people involved, the more money you will raise.  Share a link to your canvassing page on your Facebook or Twitter account.

Got questions? 

Check out our Online Canvasser Guide [PDF] to help you get started.  And for additional information, tools and tips, visit our Plan Your Campaign page.

Looking for more ways you can help people living with arthritis? Visit our Support Us page.

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