Door to Door fundraising

Door to door fundraising with The Arthritis SocietyOntario door-to-door campaign

Annually in September during Arthritis Awareness Month, over 7,000 volunteer canvassers in communities across Ontario go door-to-door to visit with their neighbours, share their arthritis stories and highlight how donations to The Arthritis Society can help.

Why do door-to-door canvassing?

We all know someone who is living with serious pain and other symptoms of arthritis. Maybe it’s a loved one, a friend, a colleague or neighbour. Maybe it’s you.

This campaign gives interested individuals across the province the opportunity to contribute their time and passion to engage people in their community in a conversation about the impact that this disease can have on people’s quality of life, and the enormous difference that their contributions can make.

People living with arthritis depend on the support and services of The Arthritis Society to help them live better now, and to offer real hope for a future without arthritis. But that support is only made possible through the generous donations of compassionate individuals in our communities.

While some individuals choose to donate to The Society online or through events like the Walk to Fight Arthritis, many others still appreciate the human interaction that comes from an in-person request from a door-to-door canvasser.

I am interested in becoming a canvasser

Thank you for your interest in joining this campaign! Please contact our information line at 800-321-1433 ext. 6 or contact us by email at  to find out about canvassing opportunities in your community.

Become a Online Canvasser

I am a canvasser

Thank you for making a real difference by helping to improve quality of life for people in your community who are living with arthritis. Here are some resources that can help you succeed:

I have questions about canvassing

We are committed to running an effective and respectful campaign, and we take feedback from the community seriously. If you have questions about our door-to-door campaign, or have had an interaction with a canvasser that you want to let us know about, please contact us at 800-321-1433 ext. 3322.

I want to volunteer in other ways with the Society

If you want to donate your time to helping support the work of The Arthritis Society, but are not interested in canvassing, please visit our volunteer pages for information on other ways that you can contribute.
For more information please contact Keith McNally at 416-979-7228 ext. 3322