A gift of stock/securities

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other publicly traded securities to The Arthritis Society is another form of planned giving.

Note: The donation must be an “in-kind” transfer of the security itself, not the cash proceeds from the sale of the security to maximize your benefits.  Such a transfer is easily made electronically from your investment account to The Arthritis Society’s brokerage account.

The number of individuals choosing to support The Arthritis Society this way is on the rise. This is due in part to the elimination of capital gains tax on all gifts of publicly traded securities to registered charities. Now, individuals can support their favourite charities while minimizing their taxes.

 The benefits of gifting securities are:

  • ease – your investment advisor can transfer securities electronically
  • no taxable capital gains – When you donate securities directly to The Arthritis Society the capital gains tax on those shares is eliminated
  • a charitable tax receipt – You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the total value of the securities transferred (based on the closing value on the date the shares are received by The Arthritis Society)
  • carry forward excess credit The tax credit created by your donation (or any portion of it) may be carried forward for up to five years if your tax credits exceed the 75% of taxable income limit

How to donate appreciated securities

Donating securities is easy and cost-effective. Your investment advisor can transfer securities electronically to The Arthritis Society. Download our Share Transfer Forms and the instructions you’ll need to do this.
Download the Share Transfer Form

Please note:  If you have hardcopy share certificates, please contact The Arthritis Society’s Planned Giving team for further instructions.

A tax receipt will be issued to you for the closing value of the securities on the date that the securities are received in The Arthritis Society’s brokerage account.

Please note: Tax credits vary by province. 

A Gift of Stock/Securities

Donating securities is becoming a popular means of giving, due to its many benefits. "It's more economical to give stock than to give cash, especially since you no longer have to pay capital gains tax."
~ Arthritis Society donor

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