Leaving a Legacy

We are in the final stages of moving our office. With this move the firm will be creating and leaving its legacy for our clients, firm members and community. We are building a place where people come to talk about and get advise on matters that are personal in nature – making a Will, discussing issues with their parents as they get older, working out solutions for minimizing family strife and working with advisors to help individuals and families come together for the circumstances they are facing now and may face in the future. 

Research has shown that the “do you have a Will” question or talking about Wills creates a negative thought – why do I want to think about end of life and my own immortality. Why do it now? Why can’t I leave it for another day?  

We all know logically the answers: There may not be another day. I won’t be here anyway so it will not matter. I can put it off to tomorrow and don’t need to deal with it today. It can wait. 

The truer answer is actually emotional: making a Will feels good. Regardless of who is going to be the recipient or beneficiary under the Will, going through the process is cathartic. It means thinking about your situation, collecting your wishes and thoughts, and making decisions even if in some cases these can be hard decisions. It means being able to collect in one document all those decisions and making sure the people and organizations that you care about are taken care of.  No one else can do this for you.

By making a Will it does not fulfill a prophecy; rather it is about the future and leaving a legacy for the future. It means being able to leave your mark for your family and for the charities that you care about. Making sure everyone in your circle of life is looked after means a peace of mind; a peace of mind that you actually can’t otherwise get unless you take this step.

On a more practical level having a Will means you can check this thing called “making a Will” off your bucket list. Try it if you haven’t already … it feels goooood.  

Creating a new office will be giving us that same good feeling. Already the excitement is building. Knowing that I have been able to make this mark and leave my legacy for those that follow me is very much the same as the feeling of having made my Will; odd as that may sound.
Life, as with all the things we do to put things in order, is all about leaving your legacy.  

Try it!