Arthritis Centres

How do Arthritis Centres help people with arthritis?

Arthritis Centres help to ensure that more Canadians with arthritis receive better care.

Why do we fund Arthritis Centres?

Arthritis Centres are funded to supplement and leverage resources at medical schools and to increase the profile of arthritis within universities.

The focal points for Canada's treatment and research programs are the Arthritis Centres (AC), located in all academic rheumatology divisions in Canadian medical schools, including accredited paediatric rheumatology centres. These Centres provide exemplary patient care, high standards of graduate and undergraduate teaching, and excellent opportunities for clinical and basic science research.

AC Grants are made to Canadian medical schools, which in turn have made arrangements with one or more of their affiliated teaching hospitals for the provision of laboratory space and other professional and scientific amenities necessary to the success of the Centres.

Directors of the Centres are full-time members of the staff of the medical schools concerned and are not remunerated under AC Grants. The Society funds are used to provide essential teaching and research resources not available from tax funds, or through other research fund-granting programs.

Our Investment

For the 2015/2016 granting year, The Society is pleased to continue its funding which provides support for the activities of the Arthritis Centres. Thanks only to the generosity of its donors and partners, The Arthritis Society was able to invest the total amount below in support of Arthritis Centres for 2015/2016.

Our Investment: $300,000

Dr. Kam Shojania
University of British Columbia
Dr. Kristin Houghton
BC Children's Hospital
Dr. Stephen Aaron
University of Alberta
Dr. Dianne Mosher
University of Calgary
Dr. Regina Taylor-Gjevre
University of Saskatchewan
Dr. David Robinson
University of Manitoba
Dr. Brian Feldman
Hospital For Sick Children
Dr. Alfred Cividino
McMaster University
Dr. Tassos Anastassiades
Queen's University
Dr. Sean Hamilton
St Clare's Mercy
Dr. Claire Bombardier
Toronto Hospital
Dr. Antonio Cabral
University of Ottawa
Dr. Janet Pope
University of Western Ontario
Dr. Jean-Pierre Pelletier
Hôpital Notre-Dame
Dr. Louis Bessette
Laval University
Dr. Rosie Scuccimari
McGill University
Dr. Christian Pineau
Montreal General Hospital Research Institute
Dr. Sophie Roux
University of Sherbrooke
Dr. Evelyn Sutton
IWK Grace Health, Dalhousie University, and Saint John Regional Hospital
Florence Tsui

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