2015 Research Grants

Strategic Operating Grant

Preventing osteoarthritis after ACL injury
Dr. Steven Boyd, University of Calgary, AB

Exploring whether medical cannabis can mitigate OA neuropathic pain 
Dr. Jason McDougall, Dalhousie University, NS

Can immune changes help predict systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease?
Dr. Joan Wither, Toronto Western Hospital, ON

Can we slow or stop progression of osteoarthritis by blocking a newly identified protein? 
Dr. Frank Beier, University of Western Ontario, ON

How deformity and activity could cause or worsen hip osteoarthritis 
Dr. David Wilson, University of British Columbia, BC

Young Investigator Operating Grant

Can wearable sensors detect changes in joint function? 
Principal Applicant: Dr. Matthew Teeter, Lawson Health Research Institute, ON

Decision support for children with arthritis and their parents regarding pain relief options 
Dr. Karine Toupin-April, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, ON

Reprogramming immune cells to reverse osteoarthritis 
Dr. Sowmya Viswanathan, University of Toronto, ON

Investigating cognitive impairment in people with lupus 
Dr. Zahi Touma, University Health Network, ON