Research Investments

Canada is a world leader in arthritis research. Thanks to the vision and generosity of our donors, The Arthritis Society is Canada’s leading non-government funder of arthritis research, funding over $195 million in research projects since our founding – projects that have led to breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with arthritis.

Why do we award research projects?

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of arthritis, and in our ability to offer treatments that help improve quality of life for people affected. But there remains much we do not know, and millions of Canadians still live in pain. There is no cure for arthritis… yet.

How do they help people with arthritis?

Research is the tool that will help us learn not only where arthritis comes from and how it works, but also how to prevent it, how to stop its progress, and how to repair the damage it causes. This work will help people live better with arthritis today, and ultimately find a cure to erase the pain of arthritis once and for all.

What are The Society’s current research investments?

The Arthritis Society funds only the best, most scientifically meritorious research proposals that offer the greatest hope for improvements in our ability to diagnose, prevent, treat, repair and cure arthritis. 

In 2016-17, The Arthritis Society has committed $4.82 million into arthritis research and the development of researchers and clinicians.

Some highlights:

Glen Hazlewood
Patient-centric approach to treatment selection for RA

Can greater alignment of patient and physician expectations around outcomes for treatment result in better care?

Lihi Eder
Link between psoriatic arthritis and heart disease

People with psoriatic disease are at 40% greater risk of developing heart disease – this study aims to understand why so that we can improve care.

Jimmy Faivre
Properties of synthesized fluids for joint lubrication

Building a better synthetic may offer relief for millions of Canadians living with knee or hip pain.