Erase the Pain

Arthritis can have a major impact on daily activities that many people take for granted. Among the most significant of these activities, yet perhaps the least talked about, are sex and intimacy.

It’s important to understand that arthritis does not cause a loss of sex drive. Sex itself will not worsen your arthritis. However, the physical and emotional hardships that result from arthritis can create barriers that undermine sexual needs, ability and satisfaction.

There are several ways to overcome physical and emotional complications, but the element common to each solution is open communication between you and your partner.

Pregnancy and Arthritis

Most people with arthritis can successfully conceive and have healthy children. Many forms of arthritis are hereditary, but the risk is relatively small.

If you are planning to have a baby, it’s critical that you discuss your medication options with your doctor, as it might be necessary to briefly stop some of your medications to ensure a successful pregnancy.

To learn more about the possible side effects of arthritis medications see Arthritis Medications: A Consumer's Guide [PDF].

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