Volunteer Opportunity in St. John’s area: Patient Partners in Arthritis

September 1, 2017

Patient Partners in Arthritis partner with educators to ensure that future physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals understand arthritis, and its impact on the lives of those who live with the disease. Patient Partners receive intensive training in anatomy, medical terminology and a particular full body musculoskeletal (MSK) examination. Patient Partners demonstrate the MSK examination in training situations with future healthcare providers, mostly in small groups and discuss arthritis, its effects on daily life, as well as showing the students symptoms of arthritis. 

Patient Partners is looking for volunteers who: 

  • Have been diagnosed with arthritis
  • Are comfortable guiding small groups
  • Have flexible schedules
  • Want to use their own arthritis experience to inform healthcare professionals for the benefit of patients. 

Those involved with Patient Partners in Arthritis find it an ideal volunteer commitment, and an opportunity to continually learning more about arthritis. The St. John’s area local group is strongly supportive and belong to a network of similar groups throughout Canada. The healthcare professionals with whom Patient Partners work with, and the students who participate in sessions are appreciative and welcoming. 

If you are interested in joining Patient Partners, please contact:
Maureen Dickson 364-1976
Judy Bannister 576-4895
Or email ppartnersnl@gmail.com