Manitoba/Nunavut summer of new

July 1, 2016

Welcome Allison Kirkland

Allision KirklandAllison Kirkland joins The Arthritis Society Prairie Division – Manitoba/Nunavut as Education and Services Coordinator.

With a background in health, wellness and non-profit leadership, she brings a passion and commitment borne of extensive personal and professional experience.  

Allison has effectively managed her own rheumatoid arthritis and lupus since childhood. 

“I look forward to helping others understand the challenges and choices that come with arthritis,” says Allison, a certified fitness instructor, “so they can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

You can help 200,000 Manitobans and their families live well with arthritis!

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Manitoba office move

With new staff, we will also have a new home! As of July 4, the Manitoba/Nunavut office moves from downtown Winnipeg to Suite 100, 1465 Buffalo Place, where we will share common space with our colleagues at the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“This is great news for our donors,” says Shirley Philips, Executive Director, Prairie Division. “With this move, rent costs are reduced by 65%. That means more efficient use of donor dollars. The new location will be easier to access and more secure.”

Donna Wills, Regional Manager Manitoba/Nunavut agrees. “Our volunteers and donors have shared how difficult it is to find parking downtown. Our new location offers free and accessible parking.”  The new Manitoba office will maintain current operating hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm and will keep the same phone number, 204.942.4892, toll-free 1.800.321.1433.

Watch for an Open House invitation coming this fall! We look forward to welcoming you!