Thanks to You

July 1, 2017

Program and Service Investments 2016-2017

Over the past 3 years, we have committed $1.5 million to the fight against childhood arthritis and have provided therapy and educational programs for tens of thousands of Canadians. And it is all thanks to you!
Programs and services infographic

Research Investments in 2017

Thanks to you, we committed over $4.8 million to research in 2016-2017. Research investments are spread across the spectrum of care to ensure The Arthritis Society has maximum impact. Projects range in both scope and focus to include basic biomedical research to bring us one step closer to a cure, clinical programs aimed at improving access to care no matter where you live, and creating new technology to ensure Canadians are receiving the best and safest care to treat their arthritis daily.
Research Investments in 2017 Pie Chart
To learn more about any of our research projects or to speak to someone directly please call on our Direct Toll Free Line at 1.888.979.7228.