Pole power: walking your way to more fitness and less pain

July 1, 2016

Urban Poling WalkersStaying active when you have arthritis can be difficult, especially when you’re in pain. But people living with arthritis are increasingly realizing that staying active with properly designed activities may not only decrease your arthritis pain, but may also increase your flexibility and overall fitness – and it can do wonders for your state of mind.

Poling is a great example.

Whether you call it poling, urban poling or Nordic walking, it is a great way to decrease stress on the hips and knees, keep joints mobile, and encourage good posture. It’s also a great way to help protect and strengthen vulnerable hips and knees – both before and after a joint replacement.

Common sense still applies: as you work out, listen to your body and don’t overdo it. It may be worthwhile to work with a physiotherapist who can help you learn to distinguish the difference between ‘muscle’ pain and ‘joint’ pain. Muscle pain is normal (within limits), such as when you do an activity you haven’t done for a while. Joint pain is not normal and is not something you should be experiencing from ordinary activities. If you do experience joint pain after an activity, the activity will need some modification. 

Urban Poling mountain topStaying active is vital to your physical and emotional well-being, all the more so when you’re living with arthritis. And people with arthritis can be physically active – some people have even climbed mountains! Whatever your level of fitness, whether you’re walking around your neighbourhood or across the country, poles such as those offered by Urban Poling can help you walk with more confidence, less pain, and for greater distances. 

Find a retailer close to you. Happy walking!