New resources help Canadians better identify and manage arthritis

March 1, 2016

There are many treatments available to help manage the symptoms of arthritis… but living well with arthritis requires more than just a treatment plan. It requires a life plan – a combination of activities, strategies and outlook that help people live full, regarding lives despite their arthritis. Fortunately these are skills and approaches that can be learned, which means anyone with arthritis can find ways to maintain a better quality of life.

At The Arthritis Society, we are committed to making resources readily available to Canadians from coast to coast to coast, helping ensure that no matter where in Canada you live, useful support and information to help you with your arthritis journey are just a click away.

We bring the best of these resources together at, and we’re excited to introduce to you our two newest tools. Check them out!

Chronic Pain Management Workshop – Online (CPMW)

You’ve been diagnosed, you’re in pain, now what? For years, Canadians have been turning to The Arthritis Society’s Chronic Pain Management Workshops for help learning to manage pain and take back control of their lives. Now we’re excited to bring that same great content to users in a comprehensive and online version that will reach many more Canadians than we could ever support face to face.

This interactive online learning module will walk you through eight topics including: what is pain?, pain management, benefits of physical activity/exercise, side-stepping stress and dealing with low mood, fighting fatigue, medications, family and friends.

Try out CPMW online today

Symptom Checker

Experiencing joint pain? Our interactive Symptom Checker is designed with you in mind. The tool walks you through a series of simple questions about your symptoms, and then generates a PDF that you can print listing the questions and your answers. Take the printout to your next medical appointment, and it can help you communicate more effectively with your healthcare provider about your symptoms – which in turn can result in a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. The tool also provides you with a suggestion of a common arthritis type or types you may want to be aware of based on your specific answers.

Try it for yourself!

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Online symptom checker

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Online chronic pain module

Chronic Pain Management Workshop - Online Chronic Pain Management Workshop - Online

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