Don’t let arthritis put a crimp in your travel plans

May 1, 2016

Scootaround - The Arthritis SocietySummer is just around the corner and one word comes to mind – vacation! For people living with arthritis, travel can be tricky business. Many people with reduced mobility say they don’t travel – or will miss out on significant life events – because they’re concerned that the equipment they need to get around won’t be available, or will be too expensive to ship.

But living with reduced mobility from arthritis doesn’t have to spell the end of your globetrotting ways. It starts with doing your research.

Check with your travel suppliers to ensure that doorways on rail or cruise are large enough for your mobility vehicle. When traveling by bus, show up early to make sure your mobility vehicle will be accommodated in the cargo hold.

Keep medications you may need in an accessible place and make sure that you aren’t without the prescriptions you need if a flare-up strikes. Keep yourself moving while traveling for long periods of time to make sure that you aren’t encouraging stiffness in your joints. Pack comfortable shoes and most importantly, pace yourself.

Finally, consider leaving behind the stress and worry of transporting your mobility device, and rent one on vacation. Services like Scootaround offer mobility rentals at many popular trip destinations. From the Las Vegas Strip to Times Square, you should never need to feel like your arthritis is limiting your mobility.

There’s a big world out there to explore – if you travel smart, you can travel with confidence.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you are interested in using a Scootaround service for your next trip, they’ve extended a limited time offer. For every Scootaround service booked through this link, The Society will receive a donation from Scootaround to support people living with arthritis. (Please note that a previously published version of this article incorrectly referenced a discount for people booking with Scootaround through The Arthritis Society. We apologize for the error.)