Camp Cambia continues to delight in Ontario

September 1, 2017

Camp CambriaMany Canadians would agree that summer camp is part of the childhood experience. Sleeping away from home (some for the first time ever), making new friends, and enjoying the outdoors are just some of the things that kids look forward to every year. But for the 24,000 children in Canada living with Arthritis, summer camp sounds like nothing but a dream. 

Enter The Arthritis Society and Cambria, together forming Camp Cambria – a camp designed specifically for children living with Arthritis in Ontario. 

Now in its second year, Camp Cambria hosts children from across Ontario at its exciting new location in Muskoka. This year, Camp offered horseback riding, water skiing, high ropes, archery, arts and crafts, and the experience for a lifetime for children who thought they would never be able to participate in the camp experience.

If you ask a parent or care giver, the best part about Camp Cambria is the peace of mind knowing that medical professionals are on hand throughout the week to assist children with their medications and rehabilitation. Each day consists of an educational component so kids and teens learn how best to manage with arthritis.
However, ask a child about the best part of Camp, and they will tell you it’s the friends they’ve made - friends just like them - who are living with Arthritis. Knowing you are not alone in the fight is what makes Camp Cambria so important to children with Arthritis. 

Last year, The Arthritis Society sent 100 kids to Camp, and this year we sent 135. Next year, we hope to send even more. Donate today to make sure every kid gets a chance to be a kid next summer.