July 1, 2017
April showers brought a May election in Nova Scotia this year, and many joined The Arthritis Society in making noise about arthritis this election period.

The Nova Scotia Division of The Arthritis Society aimed to use this election period to bring forward the concerns of those living with arthritis in Nova Scotia, the province with the highest prevalence of arthritis in Canada. Our Election Toolkit webpage provided the resources to inspire Nova Scotians and make it as easy as possible to share their stories. The webpage also included responses from party leaders and candidates and an online petition for Nova Scotians to show their support on two important questions: 
  1. First, we are asking that party leaders and candidates declare their support in reducing wait times for surgical replacement of hips and knees. The tens of thousands of Nova Scotians living with osteoarthritis must currently endure the longest wait times in Canada for joint replacements. We are asking party leaders and candidates to commit to reducing these wait times and, more specifically, what precise steps they will take to ensure this goal is achieved.
  2. Second, access to care for those living with inflammatory arthritis is particularly lacking in many communities of Nova Scotia. We are asking party leaders and candidates to commit to the development of an evidence-based model of care for inflammatory arthritis in our province and to fund the extension of early diagnosis and wider access to both care and needed medications.
The webpage is still live so be sure to follow the links, sign the petition and check it out. Thank you for your support as we continue to advocate for Nova Scotians living with arthritis.