SEPT 24-25: Get a therapeutic massage at Massage Addict, donate $5 to help people with arthritis

September 1, 2016
This month, Massage Addict will be hosting its first-ever ‘Hands On for Arthritis’ event in support of Arthritis Awareness Month. During the weekend of September 24 – 25, for every massage received at any of Massage Addict’s 65 clinics across Canada, they will donate $5 to The Arthritis Society in support of Canadians living with arthritis.

“We are proud to be hosting ‘Hands On for Arthritis’ in support of The Arthritis Society,” said Massage Addict CEO Fraser Clarke. “It lets our therapists take an active role in supporting this important cause, and makes our clients feel great knowing that not only will they receive a fantastic therapeutic massage, but they are also giving back to their community by investing in hands-on solutions to help people live better with arthritis.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to generate arthritis awareness and promote education in communities across the country,” said Arthritis Society president and CEO Janet Yale. “Massage Addict is really stepping forward as a partner committed not just to helping relieve pain today, but to investing in solutions to help people with arthritis live better tomorrow as well. We greatly appreciate the support of the organization, their therapists and their members for this important cause.”

The Arthritis Society announced a partnership with Massage Addict last month to help educate Canadians about the role of massage and other complementary therapies as options for people seeking short-term pain relief as part of an overall arthritis treatment plan.

Since opening its first clinic in 2008, Massage Addict has been helping clients improve their health through quality massage therapy that’s both affordable and convenient. Massage uses soft tissue manipulation to help release muscle tension for better flexibility and pain relief, making it an option worth exploring for many people living with arthritis.

To find a clinic near you and book a massage during the “Hands On for Arthritis” event, please visit: