Pain Relief

WomenNo two people are exactly alike when it comes to pain. Some are very sensitive, even to mild discomfort, while others can withstand much more. Now that your operation is over, you will experience some pain, but there are several ways this can be controlled.

Important IMPORTANT: It isn't a good idea to "tough it out" after surgery and refuse treatments to ease your pain. Research shows that patients who ask for and receive pain medication actually do better during their rehabilitation. That's because if you are in pain, it may be harder for your therapist to help you get moving. Pain can also make you feel anxious or upset and make you afraid to do your post-operative exercises. If you are in pain while in the hospital, or if you notice your pain is getting worse at any time, tell someone on Your Care Team.

Your surgeon will decide which pain relief method is right for you, based on your medical history and other factors. Here are some possible options, which may or may not be available at your hospital:

Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA)
Spinal block
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