Getting Ready for Rehabilitation

Getting Ready for RehabilitationSoon you will leave the hospital to continue your rehabilitation. Here’s what to expect:

If you go home

Most patients who have had an uncomplicated knee or hip replacement are sent home once the Care Team decides they are ready for discharge. Physical and occupational therapy may take place at home, or you may travel to a rehabilitation clinic several times a week as an out-patient.

Before leaving the hospital, you will be given written instructions about your medications and advice about Caring for your incision. You will also be told what you need to know about possible Complications.

ImportantIMPORTANT: If possible, a family member or friend should be there to help and support you and to drive you home from the hospital.

Nursing visits at home may be arranged when you leave the hospital and will be based on your medical needs. It’s expected that you will see your family doctor to have your stitches or staples removed. If this is a problem, speak to someone on your Care Team.

If your local home care organization offers this service, you may be visited by a physiotherapist or occupational therapy during the first few days at home. The total number of visits you receive will depend on your progress.

If you are sent to a rehabilitation unit, hospital or private clinic 

Your Care Team will make all the necessary arrangements before you go somewhere else to continue your therapy. How long you stay there will depend on how well you do.

Important IMPORTANT: Even if transportation has been arranged, it’s a good idea to have a family member or friend to help and support you before, during and after the transfer.