Do Some Strengthening Exercises

The best way to strengthen your legs in preparation for surgery is to walk regularly. Don’t be afraid to walk while waiting to have your surgery – it won’t harm your knee or hip joint. Follow the “two hour” pain rule: If your joint hurts for longer than two hours after your walk, you have done too much. Do what you can to manage the pain and walk a bit less the next day.

Besides walking, your surgeon may recommend that you do some regular pre-operative exercises. Some are aimed at strengthening your arms and shoulders, which will help you cope with crutches or a walker after surgery. Others will help maintain the strength of your leg muscles. The exercises should take about 20 minutes to complete, and if possible, you should do them twice a day.

If you are having knee replacement surgery
If you are having hip replacement surgery

ImportantImportant: If you are having revision knee or hip surgery check with your surgeon to make sure that these pre-operative exercises are right for you, or if there are other exercises that would be helpful.