For Your Family & Friends

For Family & FriendsThe help and support of family members and friends is very important to the person who is undergoing knee or hip replacement surgery. Your involvement at every stage will make things much easier and may even lead to a faster, more complete recovery.

Many patients and their families are surprised at how challenging recovery from joint replacement surgery can be. Even if the person having the operation is in good health, extra help and support may be needed in the first few weeks and even months. A person living alone will need even more help.

It may be useful for a responsible family member to call a "family meeting" as soon as the surgery has been scheduled. The next step is to figure out what kind of help will be needed and how to organize it so no one feels overburdened. Here are some ways that you as a spouse, partner, daughter, son, grandchild or friend can help:

In the Weeks Before Surgery
The Week of Surgery
The Day of Surgery
The Week After Surgery
Six Weeks After Surgery
Three Months After Surgery