Your Feelings & Concerns

Once you have been given a date for joint replacement surgery, it’s normal to feel a bit anxious.

  • If you have never had surgery before, you may wonder what it feels like and how long it will take you to get better. Even if you have already had an operation, the idea of replacing part of your body – your knee or hip joint – may seem strange.
  • You may be worried about how you’ll do in the hospital and whether there will be any complications.
  • You may wonder where you will go for rehabilitation after you leave the hospital and how you will manage to get around your home.
  • Finally, you may wonder if the surgery will be worth it – will the joint pain that bothered you before the surgery finally go away or improve so you can get around and do more?

If you are having these thoughts, you certainly aren’t alone! The good news is that most people who have knee/hip and ankle replacements do well and are happy with the results.

If you have special concerns about your own situation, it’s good to share them with others before your operation. This will help you feel less anxious as the surgery approaches. Speak to your family doctor or your surgeon. gives patients and their families general information about what to expect before and after knee and hip replacement surgery. Your own experiences may not be exactly the same because practices are not the same in every hospital and rehabilitation program. The information here is NOT meant to replace advice from your physician or therapist. If you have any questions or concerns, always speak to your doctor or another member of your Care Team.

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