Post-operative exercises that may help

If your surgery and rehabilitation have gone well, by the end of three months you should be coping well with most normal activities. Best of all, the disabling pain and swelling in your ankle joint which led you to have the surgery should be easing.

Your surgeon or physiotherapist may recommend that you do some gentle post-operative exercises. These are designed to help control pain and allow for greater movement in the ankle, as well as your hip and knee on that side.

Gentle bending and straightening of your hip and knee above the affected ankle
Gentle isometric contractions of the muscles around the affected ankle
Gentle resistance movements of your hip and knee above the affected ankle
Arm exercises
Trunk strengthening

Before leaving the hospital, you’ll be given written instructions about your medications and advice about caring for your incision. You’ll also be reminded about precautions aimed at protecting your new joint and about warning signs of possible complications.

ImportantIMPORTANT: If possible, a family member or friend should be there to help and support you and to drive you home from the hospital. Nursing visits at home may be arranged when you leave the hospital and will be based on your medical needs. It’s expected that you’ll see your family doctor to have your stitches or staples removed. If this is a problem, speak to someone on your Care Team.