How to protect your new ankle joint

How to protect your new ankle jointYour surgeon and the hospital physiotherapist will explain what you should and shouldn’t do so that your ankle will heal properly. While you should address your specific concerns, these general recommendations are known as “precautions" and must be followed for between 6-8 weeks after surgery:

  • You can rest your foot on the ground when you are standing. Just don’t put your body weight on your operated leg when walking.
  • When you’re sitting in a chair, the foot should be elevated on a stool or other surface.
  • Avoid letting your affected leg and foot dangle (hang down) for any extended period of time.
  • When you’re lying in bed, raise the ankle on a pillow so that it’s higher than the level of your heart.

ImportantIMPORTANT: Don't panic if you suddenly realize you haven't followed one of your ankle precautions. It isn't likely that you have harmed yourself. Just try not to do the same thing again.