A few words about shoes

A few words about shoesWearing the right shoes is important, both before and after ankle replacement surgery. Wearing proper shoes after surgery helps to re-align the foot, ensuring that you walk properly—meaning that you don’t over-stress the new ankle joint and don’t put extra stress on other parts of your body (your knees, hips and lower back).

Even if you purchased and wore special shoes and orthotics (shoe inserts) before surgery, as you recover you may find that these shoes/inserts no longer fit in the same way. Ask your surgeon for his/her advice. For example, what kind of shoe you should be wearing once you’re allowed to bear weight on the ankle and later on? Can you wear a heel? If so, how high? Are there any kinds of shoes you should avoid completely? Once you’re walking normally and are mostly pain-free, can you wear any type of shoe that feels comfortable?

Your surgeon may recommend that you consult with a foot specialist (either a chiropodist or a podiatrist) for post-operative assessment and advice (see How a foot specialist can help).