Getting into and out of bed

Getting in

  • Back up towards the bed until you feel the backs of your knees touching the bed. You should be standing beside the middle of the bed, at an equal distance from the head of the bed and the foot.
  • Sit down on the mattress. Extend your operated ankle out in front of you (i.e. up and away from the floor) so there’s no chance it will take any weight. 
  • Using your hands for support, slide yourself backward towards the middle of the mattress.

Getting out

  • Make sure your walker, cane or crutches are handy.
  • Slide yourself over to the edge of the bed.
  • Slowly move your legs over the edge of the bed and sit up gradually using your arms for support.
  • Place your operated leg out in front of you. Be sure that the foot of your unoperated leg is flat on floor, ready to take your weight when you stand up.
  • Place one hand on your walker/cane and then push up from the bed with your other hand until you are standing. IMPORTANT: Do not pull on the walker or rely on it to support your full weight. It can tip over easily and you could fall.
  • If using a walker, balance yourself by holding onto it with both hands.