Be an active partner in your recovery

To really benefit from ankle replacement surgery, you must become an active partner in getting well. Just as your doctors and therapists must do their best to look after you, as the patient, you must do your best, too.  Here are some commitments you can make to yourself that will help make your recovery as smooth as possible:

  • I will have a positive attitude and accept that I must work at my own recovery.
  • I will try to stay as healthy as possible before my operation. This means eating and sleeping properly, doing whatever I can to lose weight if my doctor suggests it, and quitting or cutting back on smoking and alcohol use.
  • I will follow advice about doing exercises before and after my operation to increase my overall fitness and muscle strength.
  • I will organize my home or apartment as suggested.
  • I will ask for help from others if I need it.
  • I will follow my Care Team’s advice after my surgery and do everything I can to protect my new ankle joint so that it lasts me for many years!