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Nova Scotia Election 2017

It’s time to make some NOISE! – Vote Arthritis NS!

As most of you are no doubt aware, the next provincial general election in Nova Scotia will be held on May 30, 2017. Elections are an excellent opportunity to bring information, positions and ideas forward to candidates to seek their support should they win office. In short – it’s time for us to make some noise about arthritis in Nova Scotia!

The Nova Scotia Division of The Arthritis Society wants to use this election period to bring forward the concerns of all of us who live with arthritis in NS, the province with the highest prevalence of arthritis in Canada, and your voice is important. This information, website and the links included within, are meant to inspire you and make it as easy as possible for you to raise and share your thoughts in several different ways.

Everyone has their own story to tell about living with arthritis and things that we think the government and health system could do to help make our lives easier. Now is your chance to tell your story and ask your questions when the candidates are willing to listen!

The Arthritis Society, Nova Scotia Division is reaching out to all the party leaders and candidates to ask them two important questions:

  1. First we are asking that party leaders and candidates declare their support in reducing wait times for surgical replacement of hips and knees. The tens of thousands of Nova Scotians living with osteoarthritis must currently endure the longest wait times in Canada for joint replacements. We are asking party leaders and candidates to commit to reducing these wait times and, more specifically, outline what precise steps they will take to ensure this goal is achieved.
  2. Second, access to care for those living with inflammatory arthritis is particularly lacking in many communities of Nova Scotia. We are asking party leaders and candidates to commit to the development of an evidence-based model of care for inflammatory arthritis in our province and to fund the extension of early diagnosis and wider access to both care and needed medications.

Our voice alone isn’t enough! Join us in making noise about arthritis!

There are various ways to make your voice heard, and we have put together some resources to make it easy. 

Don’t have the information for your local candidates? No problem! We have compiled all the information for each candidate in every constituency. Click here to find the information you need for the candidates you want to be in touch with.

Here are some easy ways to share your thoughts and make your voice heard:

Sign the Online Petition
Talk to Candidates
Send an email or letter
Responses from Candidates and Party Leaders
Sample Social Media Posts
Attend Candidate's Rallies or Debates
Share this Information with Friends and Family

Help us support the 1 in 4 Nova Scotians living with arthritis and register for the Walk to Fight Arthritis in Halifax, Sydney or Berwick!

We’d love to hear about the noise you make about arthritis in this election, the responses you get and your thoughts about those answers. Join the conversation:

Twitter: @TheArthSocNS - don't forget to use the hashtag #votearthritisNS
Facebook: facebook.com/NSArthritisSoc/
or send us an email at: hparliament@arthritis.ca

Remember, the provincial election is May 30, 2017 – now is the time to make your voice heard!

Thanks for joining in and good luck!