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March is Childhood Arthritis Awareness Month

Meet Avery! When she first started going to the rheumatology clinic as a toddler, Avery would tell her mom “I don’t want to go to the poke store!” Who can blame her?  From regular injections to blood tests, Avery has already had more needles in her young life than most adults have in theirs.  Find out more about Avery's journey here.


Pain BC

Vote Arthritis BC!           

As most of you are no doubt aware, the next provincial election in British Columbia will be held on May 9, 2017.  Elections are an excellent opportunity to bring information, positions and ideas forward to candidates to seek their support should they win office.  In short – the timing is perfect to make some noise about arthritis in BC!


All-in for Arthritis Gala

Congratulations to Dr. Shahin Jamal!

We are very happy to share that Dr. Shahin Jamal has been appointed as the UBC Adult Rheumatology Postgraduate Program Director.  As part of our extended Arthritis Society family, here's a little more background on this very accomplished and committed rheumatologist!

All-in For Arthritis Gala

Is Big Data a "big deal" in Canadian Healthcare?

As part of an important initiative, researchers at Arthritis Research Canada have partnered with various patient organizations to learn more about the views of patients and the public regarding the use of Big Data for health research.  Big Data, in health care, is large and complex sets of data that have information routinely collected on patients’ health and their use of health care systems.  Information may include their reason for visiting a hospital, laboratory results, doctor’s notes, and medication prescribed.


Thank you to the City of Victoria!

In some instances, the City Council of Victoria may choose to grant property tax exemption to non-profit organizations.  We feel very fortunate to be included in this, as the City of Victoria has provided a Permissive Tax Exemption to The Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division for our Victoria building and offices.
Many thanks to the City of Victoria and their commitment to community, as their decision enables The Society to direct more funding to helpful services and educational programs for the people in Victoria who are living with this complex disease.


A small gesture can make a big difference. We can erase the pain of arthritis together and help millions of people in the process.

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