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IMPACT - The Arthritis Society Newsletter BC & Yukon Division

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Offer!

We are very pleased to share with you, our community, that Dr. Robert Offer was awarded a Wallace Wilson Leadership Award at the UBC Medical Alumni Association’s 2017 AGM Awards! Dr. Offer graduated from the UBC medical program in 1969 and was the first rheumatologist to reside and practice in the Fraser Valley. He is the Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Rheumatology at UBC, and the founding chair of BCPharmaCare. The list of his contributions to the arthritis community is expansive, including lead of programs and forums on arthritis education.


Provincial Pediatric Pain Symposium – Register now for September

Our community partner, Pain BC, is holding the Second BC Provincial Pediatric Pain Management Symposium September 22 - 24, 2017. We are pleased to tell you about this event, and to share that The Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division, is a proud sponsor.



Summer workshops around the province

As we ease into summer and better weather, our thoughts may turn to the different ways we can enjoy these beautiful days.  How we spend them will be different for everyone, but many enjoy gardening and increased exercise and activity during this time, and we want to support this!  Even if you or a loved one are living with arthritis, there are ways to increase knowledge and information on how to make adaptations and manage pain.  We have developed several workshops to help, and we will be offering them in different cities and regions around the province.  From Surrey to Salt Spring and Victoria to West Vancouver, there are many workshops available, and you can register to attend them for free!  Find out what is coming in your area in the coming months by clicking here. We hope to see you this summer!

Share your work!

We are very pleased to tell you about a unique opportunity created by our community partners, the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council.  You are invited to be a part of the Quality Forum 2018, where you will have the chance to share your work with hundreds of people who are passionate about improving health care!

Have you visited our Story Gallery?

Did you know we have an online space you can visit to see pictures and stories shared by people in our community from around the province?  Our Story Gallery is a gathering of personal journeys shared by people like you, as a way to create a community of support, understanding, encouragement and inspiration.  Arthritis has many faces, and you can meet some of them here! 
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