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Story Gallery

Visit our new Story Gallery!

Welcome to our new Story Gallery!  Arthritis has many faces, and you can meet some of them here.  The Story Gallery is a gathering of personal journeys shared by people like you, as a means of creating a community of support, understanding, encouragement and inspiration.  It is for people to visit and see that they are not alone.  We hope you enjoy this space and spend some time here.  We will be adding new stories all the time!  Enjoy YOUR stories here.


If you have osteoarthrtis, there is OASIS...

If you have osteoarthritis, you may already be familiar with OASIS, but on the chance that you aren't, we are happy to share a little more information about them and their free interactive classes that help people with OA self-manage their condition.


What's YOUR vote?

Last year for Arthritis Awareness Month, we launched a campaign "featuring" different kinds of arthritis in a B-movie poster, which cast Arthritis as the Villain. These images were very well received and got people talking, which is exactly what we were going for with an awareness campaign! Now it's time to offer your input for this year's campaign.


UBC Pharmacist's Clinic - it's there for you!

The Pharmacists Clinic, located at the University of British Columbia, is a patient-care clinic where expert pharmacists work with you and other health care professionals (including your usual community pharmacist) to optimize your drug therapy outcomes and ensure that you are receiving the best possible care.

A small gesture can make a big difference. We can erase the pain of arthritis together and help millions of people in the process.

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