February 2017 - BC IMPACT

The Arthritis Society Newsletter - BC & Yukon Division

Christine Basque

Thank you for going "all-in"!

We did it!  Together, with your help and support and the dedication and passion of an incredible team and community of people, our All-in for Arthritis Gala was a HUGE success!  This important night raised funds in support of children around the province living with arthritis, and ensures they will get to go to our camp and educational retreat this summer!  A heartfelt thank you to everyone who played a part in this wonderful and meaningful event!


Pain BC

Provincial Pain Summit, February 17 - 19

Pain BC is hosting an important, informative event on pain, February 17-19 in Vancouver, and The Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division is pleased to share that we will be supporting this through a partner sponsorship.  We will be co-sponsoring the opening evening event on February 17, a panel discussion called An Expert Panel on Pain, where admission is free, but you must register in advance.


All-in for Arthritis Gala

Seeking Support in Abbotsford?

Together with volunteers in Abbotsford, The Arthritis Society is working to put together a new support group to support those living with arthritis.  Helping through resources, information and community, this informal support group is open to anyone, free of charge, who deals with the daily effects and challenges of life with arthritis.


All-in For Arthritis Gala

New Appointment for Dr. Diane Lacaille

It is an honour to announce the new appointment of Dr. Diane Lacaille, to Acting Head Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.  Dr. Lacaille has long been a friend and supporter of The Arthritis Society, and her new role will help to oversee all areas in the Department of Medicine.


Help be a part of the Answer!

Did you know that The Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division has a toll-free Answers Line that is available to people across the province?  The Arthritis Answers Line provides information, support and assistance to callers, and we are currently looking for volunteers.

Help "Take Charge" in YOUR Community!

Do you like sharing information and helping others?  The Arthritis Society is currently looking for volunteers to share some educational workshops in the following locations:  Salt Spring Island, Bella Coola, Bella Bella, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Powell Island, Bowen Island - can you help? 

A small gesture can make a big difference. We can erase the pain of arthritis together and help millions of people in the process.

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