Warm Water Exercise Programs


Aquatic exercise programs are offered in a number of Saskatchewan communities, often in a warm water pool. The programs provide the opportunity for people with arthritis to meet others and to have fun.

Program participants are led by trained personnel through a series of specially designed exercises which, with the aid of the water’s buoyancy and resistance, can help improve joint flexibility. The trained instructors lead a set of approved activities in a fun, motivational, and social environment. It’s a safe, enjoyable way to improve your strength and flexibility. The warm water and gentle movements can also help to relieve pain and stiffness.

You will enjoy aquatic exercise if you:

  • Like being in a pool
  • Prefer exercising in a class environment
  • Are able to get in and out of the pool without assistance
  • Are just starting out with a regular exercise program
  • Don’t know how to swim.


Land Exercise programs are also offered in a number of Saskatchewan communities. These programs provide people living with arthritis the opportunity to meet others and have fun in a safe learning environment.


The instructors at the public pools and leisure centres in Saskatchewan are certified fitness professionals.


Any adult with arthritis may join an aquatic or land exercise program. People with multiple or severe joint problems, or who have had joint surgery, are encouraged to check with their doctor about the need for special precautions.


Several Saskatchewan leisure and aquatic centres offer exercise programs.

For more information about exercise program locations and availability, pleaseplease call 1.800.321.1433 or email us at info@sk.arthritis.ca.