Saskatchewan Advocacy Committee

The Arthritis Society Saskatchewan Division is the principal voice for arthritis advocacy in Saskatchewan. The Division Advocacy Committee aims to influence public policy and resource allocation decisions within the political spectrum, from the Ministry of Health to the Regional Health Authorities.

The Saskatchewan Advocacy Committee is comprised of people who live with arthritis (diagnosed as a child), a former MLA, and an orthopaedic surgeon.

Raising awareness of arthritis and generating the ‘political will’ needed to achieve change are of utmost priority. Working together, our voices will be heard. We can make a difference and improve the quality of life for people living with arthritis.

Consumers of health care can also be politically powerful; you can bring about change by working with The Arthritis Society to target decision-makers in government, regional health authorities, and elected officials.

Saskatchewan Advocacy Priorities

The Saskatchewan Advocacy Committee identified the following advocacy priorities as Saskatchewan’s Advocacy “Ask” to be brought forward to the Saskatchewan provincial government Minister of Health and the Health Critic to begin the process of working together to meet the needs of Saskatchewan people living with arthritis.

  1. Access to Care and Treatment.
  2. Wait Times and Joint Replacements
  3. Support for Children and Youth with Arthritis
  4. Early Intervention and Transition Initiatives
  5. To view the Saskatchewan Advocacy Ask click here [PDF].

Saskatchewan Pre-election Awareness Strategy

Prior to the November 7, 2011 provincial general election, the Committee launched a pre-election strategy to bring awareness of arthritis issues facing Saskatchewan voters to the political parties in the election. The strategy included asking provincial party leaders specific questions on these issues. Background information on the disease and the people it affects was also provided to the parties.

The New Democratic Party and the Saskatchewan Party responded to the questions. To view the New Democratic Party response, click here [PDF], and to view the Saskatchewan Party response, click here [PDF].

In order to engage Saskatchewan voters in the pre-election strategy and create more awareness, the questions along with talking points and background information were posed on our website and handed out at Arthritis Society events. People were asked to talk to their candidates about how he or she stands on arthritis issues.

Saskatchewan’s Next Steps

In the early part of 2012, the Saskatchewan Advocacy Committee will be requesting a meeting with the newly appointed Minister of Health to discuss his or her party’s response to the questions as well as addressing the Saskatchewan advocacy ‘Ask’ priorities. An update of the meeting outcomes will be posted on this page.

For more information on the work of the Division Advocacy Committee, or how you can become involved, please contact the Advocacy Committee Staff Liaison, at the Regina office at 306.352.3312 or toll-free at 1.800.321.1433 or