Arthritis Issues


There are many organizations which provide transportation for individuals who need attention like medical care, or assistance from community agencies. Some communities provide a mini bus or van service that is individualized or shared.

Bus lines and airline companies may provide decreased or special fares for anyone who is travelling for medical reasons. Check transportation companies for 'Companion Fares'. In many cases discounts are provided for people travelling with a person who has a disability, and often a doctor must provide proof you can't travel alone.


Housing can be difficult for people with arthritis because of decreased income levels, or inability to do simple tasks like opening doors, cupboards, etc. Home adaptations can be very simple or complex. They allow people with barriers to mobility lead a more independent life. There are several agencies which promote accessible housing and provide grants to pay for modifications. Many agencies exist which provide tool and aids to make independence possible.



Sometimes arthritis can affect the type of job you can do or your ability to keep working. There are things you can do to get a job and keep working. You may keep your job with modifications to your work place. A local vocational rehab program may be able to assist you to find of keep a job. Saskatchewan has several agencies which provide services to help facilitate this process. We encourage you to use an Internet search to find up-to-date services in Saskatchewan.