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Hand in HandHand in Hand is an innovative program initially created to meet the needs of young people living with arthritis and their loved ones. Since its beginnings, the program has helped over 200 families living with childhood arthritis in Eastern Quebec. Driven by its huge success, the program evolved rapidly, and two streams were added, one for teenagers and another for adults. Hand in Hand is now offered in Lévis (adult stream) and will soon be implemented in Sherbrooke (childhood stream). The Arthritis Society is also set to offer the program in the workplace and in the Greater Montreal area.

The program encourages people living with arthritis to play an active role in the management of their disease, which promotes disease management through treatment, reduces absenteeism at school and at work, contributes to job continuation in adults, helps break down isolation, and reduces depression. The objective is to lend a helping hand to people with arthritis and their loved ones to improve their quality of life.

The program includes two components:

The first component offers support, active listening, references, and information. To access these services, patients can make an appointment or drop by the outpatient clinic of a participating hospital. At all stages of the disease, program staff can inform patients about services and resources provided through the health and social services network.

The second component of the program focuses on mutual support. It aims to break down isolation by giving people living with the disease opportunities to connect in various contexts: pairings, help and information sessions, social activities, support group meetings, etc.

There are four program streams:

Childhood arthritis
Teen juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)
Adult stream
@work stream
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Introduction to Arthritis is a single two-hour workshop that provides basic information to health or support groups on the main types of arthritis, on how to recognize the disease and how to cope with it. The workshop is offered at a minimal cost and is lead by trained volunteer facilitators.

Contact Bjillian MacKinnon, 1 800.321.1433, ext 2429  or

Each year, The Arthritis Society invites you to the largest forum on arthritis in Canada.

With approximately 50 conferences and workshops given by experts, an exhibitor fair, and continuing education for health professionals, the Quebec Forum on Arthritis is an event you won’t want to miss!

Participants will have the opportunity to learn, acquire tools, and share knowledge to better manage their disease.
In addition to conferences on the most common types of arthritis, a variety of topics will be covered, including nutrition, physical activity, financial and psychological impacts of arthritis, orthopedic surgery, medical cannabis, natural products, and occupational therapy. 

The third edition of this one-of-a-kind event will be held in Montreal on October 29,2016. Join us for an incredible experience! 

Registration opens in May 2016 at