Jones Fund Information

Drs. John and Edith Jones Fund

The Jones Fund was established in honour of Drs. John Verrier and Edith Jones on the occasion of their retirement in June 1994. The Jones spent over 12 years helping people with arthritis in Nova Scotia through their dedicated work in the areas of research, patient care and education.

Supported and managed by the Board of Directors of The Arthritis Society, Nova Scotia division, and many good friends, the fund is intended to help improve the quality of life for people with arthritis in Nova Scotia.

Types of Grants Available

There will be no less than $5,000 available per year which is used to fund as many applicants possible. Grants will be rewarded to assist a particular project or initiative in a community, such as: specialized equipment to improve access to community facilities (e.g., pools), special equipment for local hospitals (such as wax machines), and development of new arthritis programs for a community, etc.

Application Procedure

Applications will be accepted each year from local Society branches, and other community groups may also apply through their local branch, who will forward the application. Grant applications will be reviewed by a committee of the Board and will be successful based upon the importance of the project to the community, number of people with arthritis helped and the impact expected if the project is not funded.

The deadline for applications is March 31st. In a given year, not every branch submitting an application will be successful.

For local branch information please email

Grant Conditions

Awards will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of The Arthritis Society each May / June. Grants will be distributed at the rate of 80% of the approved amount at the time of announcement, with the remaining 20% distributed upon receipt of an interim report.

How Can I Submit A Jones Fund Application?